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Fusion Router Gateway from Unicoi Systems
Unicoi Systems Offers a New Way to Speed Your VoIP Development
Embedded TCP/IP and more!
And end-to-end solution from with security features!
RTOS for Blackfin, StarCore and ARM
The complete Fusion line for the Web
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Welcome to Unicoi Systems, Inc. your one-stop shopping center for embedded software.

We invite you to pay particular attention to our Fusion WebPilot Micro Browser. Customers in a wide variety of industries including Telematics, Retail, Industrial Controls and Entertainment have chosen the Web Pilot Browser because of its small footprint and competitive pricing.

Attention Embedded Developers!
Look no further for your embedded development source code needs.

VoIP Reference Designs

Unicoi Systems' Premier Product is the Fusion Voice (VoIP) Gateway Reference Design. Today's VoIP Terminal Adapter (TA) market demands a silky-smooth integration of both gateway/router functionality and full-featured SIP telephony. Unicoi provides the LOWEST COST Bill-of-Materials (BOM) solution in conjunction with Quality of Service (QOS) for voice calls -- along with high networking data throughput from the gateway/router module.

The Fusion Voice (VoIP) Gateway consists of the following modules:

The Fusion line from Unicoi Systems, Inc. also includes the most widely deployed embedded TCP/IP networking stack in the world, an advanced real-time media OS (Fusion RTOS), a complete file system, graphical products, an embedded web browser, a comprehensive line of embedded XML software, an advanced web server, and a complete range of software security products.

The Unicoi Fusion™ Product Suite
Competitive Advantage:

  • Fully integrated, one-stop-shopping suite. Enhances productivity, reliability and time to market
  • 20+ year track record of proven successes in the embedded software development market

    The Unicoi Fusion Product Suite Includes:
    Fusion Voice Gateway and Fusion Router Gateway Bridging and Routing, Address Management, NAT and firewall, Remote Management, Local Management, Security, PSTN Call Manager, Voice Engine, Hardware Drivers and Fusion RTOS, VoIP adapter with SIP
    Fusion Net
    TCP/IP, UDP/IP, DHCP client and server, PPP , PPPoE, FTP client and server, Telnet, DNS, SNTP, POP3, SMTP, RIP/RIP-2, OSPFv2, NAT, SNMP v1/v2/v3, MIB Compiler, RTP / RTCP
    Fusion Web HTTP Server, HTTP Client, SMTP, POP3, XML SAX Parser, XML DOM Parser, XML-to-C Compiler, SOAP, UDDI, WSDL, Embedded Micro Browser, JavaScript, Graphics Toolkit/GUI
    Motorola 56800E DSPs, StarCore, BlackFin DSPs, ARM7/9
    Fusion Secure IPsec/IKE v1/v2, SSL/TLS. HTTPS Client & Server, Secure Web Browser
    Fusion Flash File System FAT12/FAT16, Full Wear-leveling, Long File Names, Supports Multiple Volumes

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Fusion software solutions are embedded in a wide range of familiar devices:

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